The Third Haircut

I have been trying to convince Wallace of a haircut for a while, but he really liked his long hair. I even attempted to find pictures of preschool aged boy haircuts, but that backfired as he saw a picture of a boy with even longer hair than his and fixated on it. In general, I have no issues with long hair, but as someone who has had short hair for 18 years, it’s not something I’m skilled in the care of. It was just getting to be too much.

I got him to come around to the idea when I explained that it was going to be very hot this summer and a pain to take care of when we swim in the pool. Washing and blow drying it right after helps to prevent his cradle cap (or whatever it really is) from getting worse. That would mean that after every pool swim we’d have to wash, blow dry, and brush 12in of increasingly thick hair. Usually after swimming I want to eat and take a nap…

Here’s some before pictures…

Here’s the inspiration…

We invited Aunt Leah over to have dinner and cut Wallace’s hair as she’s a stylist and Wallace adores her. I made chicken pot pie soup and squash flatbread, then she went to town cutting his hair.

We cut off two ponytails as I might be able to donate or sell them (I hadn’t thought of that but Leah suggested it). He played on her ipad the whole time, which I think made him a bit detached from the event. It was late when we got done and cleaned up but it was fun and it turned out cute.

The new hair…

Besides the fact that he really liked his long hair, he seems to like it. He complained a little about the shorter part by his right eye but he hasn’t mentioned it in a while. I think he’s super cute and I like seeing more of his face, but I think it needs to be a little longer in the back. It was hard to get pictures because he won’t sit still and my phone is slow. No more ponytails! No more yogurt in his hair! No more finding 12in hairs all over the house!


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5 Responses to The Third Haircut

  1. teresachase says:


  2. He looks younger! I love the haircut. I have it pinned for Gus but his hair is too thin.

  3. Somewhere along the way from 3 to 4, his hair got a lot thicker. It looks even thicker now that it is short, which I wasn’t expecting.

  4. You can admire it Saturday! He really liked the neighbors fawning over him last night, ha.

  5. Lindsay says:

    I love it! He looks super cute.

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