Textbooks and Ice Cream

This morning, I decided we would drive to a different Goodwill to source and then get ice cream after. I called the place to make sure they had a dairy free option I could have (far from AIP but no gluten or dairy so it’s a rare treat). Wallace had been asking about going to an ice cream shop as we used to walk to one near my dad’s house a couple times a month.

I found nine textbooks worth $20-90 each, a few other books, and two Wii games. We also found two Thomas DVDs, a pair of shorts for Wallace, and an Ikea octopus. I have wanted that since way back in our cloth diapering days! I took it off my wish list for a while and then added it back on for its RV usefulness. So I’m very pleased that I found a new one for half the price.

Then we walked to ice cream! Wallace picked out rainbow sherbet in a gf cone and I got raspberry sorbet. We sat inside and chatted with the owner and then sat outside and watched all the garbage trucks, busses, and cement mixers go by. Wallace took his sweet, silly time licking all the ice cream and was not as covered with drips as I thought he’d be. He did not want to eat the cone because it was soggy, so I was forced to finish it.

Before we left the apartment, I had talked to him about how some people might still think he’s a girl because not everyone knows that boys can have longer hair and wear pink too. He is totally cool with it and we talked about how we correct people when we need to. As we were sitting outside with our ice cream, a man and a boy walked in and the boy was wearing a pink shirt. I was a little too eager to point out to Wallace that he was wearing a pink shirt just like him.

When we got home, I took out the garbage, we got a couple returned Amazon books from where they were delivered at the office, and headed to the playground. Wallace wanted to roller skate but wasn’t very into it. We played catch-ball, what we call those velcro mits with a tennis ball, and Wallace threw the ball at the play structure and ran around. We were hoping for some neighbor kids to join us but it was just use.


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