Greening Your Life: Deodorant

I don’t remember what prompted me, but the first thing I “cleaned up” in my personal care products was my deodorant. I must have read something about the chemicals in them and the link to breast cancer. I was 22 and bike commuted everywhere, danced, drank, and ate all kinds of junk. I don’t recall what brands I used before, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the smell of them now.

I started by trying the Crystal stick. It is simply a salt block you wet and rub on your armpits. After a couple weeks of smelly armpit detox, the crystal stick worked very well for me along with every other day showers. I later learned that aluminum can be a concern with this type of deodorant and eventually stopped using it.

I didn’t stink and I didn’t sweat a whole lot, even with my very active life. I went deodorant free for about 5 years until I saw that a friend made some and thought it would be good to have on hand just in case. It has taken me 2 years to go through a baby food jar of deodorant, which did come in handy with post partum and nursing hormones. I use it when I need to go a few days without a shower or think I might feel self conscious about my slight normal body smell. After the initial detox period, I have never wished I’d had a chemical laden mainstream deodorant.

I love seeing more people and companies thinking about the ingredients they use and the long term effects they will have. Unfortunately, it is easy to label products “natural” and “pure” and not actually care about the health of the customers and the environment. Greenwashers abound! I learned about the EWG Skin Deep database and really started reading labels shortly before getting pregnant. No matter what company you decide to purchase from, do your research and feel good about your decision. Look up ingredients, and not just the product, on EWG. Is the highest ranked (higher the number, the worse it is) ingredient something you’d be comfortable putting on your body? If not, keep looking.

A few years ago, I learned about Poofy Organics and immediately loved the ingredients used and transparency of the company. Because I don’t buy many personal care and beauty products, it took me a long time to try a few Poofy products. Shortly after doing so, I signed up to be a Guide. I feel great using these products on myself, even with my chemical sensitivities, and on Wallace’s sensitive skin. I am confidently able to promote everything they offer because of the ingredients, transparency, and USDA Organic certification.

Take the first step and switch to Poofy for your deodorant! I offer 10% back on your first order.

Update: I have been researching uses of bentonite clay and just found out you can use it to detox your armpits from mainstream deodorant.

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