Mother’s Day Play-By-Play

I tried to think of something I’d like to do with Wallace today, but I’ve got nothing. I get the point of this Hallmark holiday and have a “women before us” ideal in my mind that isn’t going to come to fruition. There is no overall celebration of the mothers and women in our family and I have a shitty relationship with my mom that I can’t do anything about. I’m jaded and under appreciated and single. I don’t even get a handprint picture and cheesey poem from preschool because preschool didn’t happen despite my best efforts.

Anyway, Wallace and I had a big fun day yesterday and his only request for today is that we fingerpaint together. Here’s how our day went:

6:50am Wallace woke up and came to my bed. I hoped we’d fall back asleep, but didn’t.

7:15am I dragged my butt out of bed, gave Nina her transfer factors, got Wallace his yogurt, and got my transfer factors ready.

7:28am The Amtrak went by and I was putzing on Instagram while drinking my transfer factors.

8:30am I started making bacon and collard greens and put away some clean dishes. I need to do dishes today but don’t want to.

9:05am I sat down to eat, put on a Birth Hour episode, and Wallace sat with me while he had bacon and leftover smoothie.

9:55am I attempted to go to the bathroom but was kicked off the toilet by Wallace. He refuses to use my mom’s bathroom if I’m in the one we use.

10:55am Cleaned my daith piercing, which is acting up again, set up Kerplunk for Wallace, and got dressed.

11:20am Started laundry, found Duplos in the basket, Wallace massaged my back and then did a naked dance, got Wallace dressed.

11:45am Cleaned kitchen: dishes, counters, stove, burners, floor; made tea, helped Wallace with a pattern activity, switched laundry, put on a cd for Wallace.

12:40pm While cleaning the microwave, I realized I was hungry and should eat lunch. Had pineapple chicken and cauliflower leftovers while Wallace had some apple and pb he didn’t finish earlier. Watched a couple music videos of Corinne Bailey Rae, as I bought myself a cd I used to listen to and wanted to know what else she’s done.

1:30pm Got Wallace a hot dog, hummus, and carrots for lunch.

2:30pm Sorted books into condition piles so I can list them later, persuaded Wallace to finish his food, folded laundry, had a snack.

3:30pm Picked up a used bike rack then went to For Mar for a walk. We went on paths we hadn’t tried before, played Pooh sticks, went in the tree house, carried him on my back over a branch bridge, went in the nature center, and had a snack at a picnic table.

5:40pm We got home and relaxed for a bit. Wallace was whiney and got Grandma to read him a few books. Then I scavanged for dinner.

6:30pm Wallace had noddles and sauce with a few slices of cucumber. I had zoodles, Asian meatballs, and saurkraut. He took 20 minutes to eat his cucumbers and only had 5 minutes after dinner to finger paint.

7:30pm Bedtime alarm went off. We got the paint cleaned up without major incident. He dawdled and ran around wild instead of getting ready for bed, but he did manage to get ready fast enough that we could read some of the chapter book we are working on.

8:20pm Tucked in bed and hopefully asleep soon.

8:55pm I dragged myself out of bed where I sit while Wallace falls asleep, fed Nina, had my transfer factors, and started signing up for the Amazon affiliates program.


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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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