76 – Circumcision

* I noticed there are 10 unpublished drafts on my blog. I decided to go through them and see what is publishable. This was from the series of near-daily blogs I wrote to Wallace during the 100+ days before he was born.*


Dear Readers,

Circumcision is something that I have a very strong opinion on. I am very anti circumcision and I feel that I can openly express my views here. I have friends who have circumcised their children and do not belittle or demean them, but acknowledge that they made the decision they feel is best for their child. I also have friends who have regret over circumcision and support them as they go through this process. It is one of those things that I can calmly agree to disagree with people on despite my very strong inclination that it is neither necessary nor beneficial.  I urge anyone who is about to be the parent of a son to research circumcision so they can make an informed decision of their own.



Dear Wallace,

I have decided to not have you circumcised at birth.  Beyond a mother’s instinct and a desire to not put you through unnecessary pain, here are my reasons:

1)  It is an optional medical procedure that has health risks and no proven medical benefits.  Those who have touted medical benefits over the years had their own agenda and a lack of scientific evidence to back them up.

2)  It is genital mutilation.  Plain and simple.  I would not do a similar procedure on a girl baby or a baby with ambiguous genitalia so I would not have this procedure done to you.  We, as a Western culture, fight genital mutilation of women and girls in and from African countries.  The promotion of genital mutilation in the US is a hypocritical double standard and needs to stop.

3)  It takes away a part of your body you were born with that has a purpose and generally functions without issue when left alone.  It also removes nerve endings from the most sensitive area of a man’s body.

Love Always,



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