Veritable Octopus

Here’s how my brain works:

Blog post about interest span > what was that TED talk about people with lots of interests and why didn’t I delve into it then? > googled and found it > how to multipotentialite > found puttylike, the site by the TED speaker > now how can I make my life how I want?

The books I’m currently reading show a good cross section of my current interests:

  1. Audre Lorde collection
  2. Workout book
  3. Book about various healing systems
  4. Tibetan parenting anthropological book
  5. Amy Tan novel
  6. RV book
  7. Book on puppets and child play
  8. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Add in my browser tabs and you’ve got parenting, recipes, Breastfeeding USA volunteer info, Amazon FBA and affiliate pages, homeopathy, and now Puttylike. I am constantly researching new things and am a sponge for knowledge. I like having multiple projects or areas of study going at once and got thoroughly bored in school, especially my first attempts at college. (Some of my college fails were caused by money issues or serious injuries and though I have been taking classes and have a possible career goal, I’m not putting pressure on myself to keep going.) But at the same time, I have a hard time juggling everything and can become easily overwhelmed or forget about things.


I started this a few days ago and have been trying to work out what I want and need to be doing. I have strong interests in working with people, pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, holistic nutrition and medicine, yoga, and parenting. I don’t have to feel like each of these, and my other, interests are pulling me in separate directions. I can explore them simultaneously or one leading to another.

The goal of being an IBCLC has not gone away but my view of it as the end goal has changed. I want to start by becoming a Breastfeeding USA counselor, which I had explored before. It costs $25 to be a member and $50 for the training. That would put me in the position to work with breastfeeding parents and to further my knowledge. It could also count as contact hours for eventually becoming an IBCLC.

While at the playground two days ago, I started chatting with a mom who was wearing her baby in a carrier I wasn’t familiar with. Mostly, I just like talking to people and finding common ground. She was there with her cousin and we all started talking. She told me she’s taking an online doula training course and how much she loves it. I immediately looked it up and later sent an email. They have scholarships available and it looks like a great course and easy to stay certified in.

I would love to be able to work within the birth and breastfeeding fields and there is a lot of potential in these areas. I would constantly be stimulated by new people and experiences, causing me to learn and feel fulfilled. I have been feeling very frustrated and stuck but this last week has shown me how I can make this work. It is possible for me to follow my interests and I don’t have to be constantly stressed.

Help me remember that frustration and confusion usually precede growth. If my situation is challenging me, it is because I’m learning something new, rising to a higher level of understanfing. Help me be grateful, even in my frustration, that life is an exciting progression of lessons.

– The Language of Letting Go, by Melody Beattie

This was part of my reading this morning and it struck me as truth. Maybe I am just hitting a growth spurt and I need to relax and cultivate my Self. More on that in another post.

Meanwhile, I have started a birth and breastfeeding Good Reads shelf to collect titles I might want to read. I have been listening to the Birth Hour podcast a few times a week, which Wallace really likes too. I have a lifetime to learn and grow and don’t have to feel rushed or stressed to dive into something. I don’t have to stick with one choice, but changing my mind and following my interests is okay.


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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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