MicroBlog Monday: Sick Kid

Wallace is sick with a sore throat, cough, fever, and headache. It is no fun and I don’t like having to give him ibuprofin as I believe it can cause long term problems like leaky gut, which I have. Anyway, I didn’t have any homeopathy for fevers so I broke out the ibuprofin to keep his fever below 103.5 (and he was miserable).

I had to run to the grocery store yesterday to get him some food he’d eat and thankfully could leave him at home with my mom. I’ve never had that luxury aa a single mom (and common courtesy to those at the store) before. He seems to be feeling a little better today but I predict this could take a while.

I wanted to get outside for a bike ride and to get Wallace some fresh air without wearing him out or exposing him to other people. We ended up crossing the big road by our apartment and taking a long winding bike path that goes into town and all the way to a playground. Thankfully, we found a small old play ground that no one was at. We bounced on the teeter totter, he went down a really tall slide, we pretended old stumps were bad guys and beat them with sticks while yelling “nee,” and then did some swings.

The smallest stump, which Wallace said was another kid helping us fight the bad guys.

The kind of slide I loved as a kid but terrify me as a parent.

The ride home had some wind against us and a little bit of uphill. It was the longest ride I’ve done in a year as I just got my bike out of storage. My legs and butt are going to be mad tomorrow!


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2 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Sick Kid

  1. Lindsay says:

    He’s so cute! It sounds like it was a pretty good day, even tho he was feeling crummy. I hope he feels better soon.

  2. JennP says:

    His fever and pain spiked again after he had an hour+ nap while I made dinner. He woke up inconsolable and refusing medicine. I eventually offered him a distraction of watching a Thomas movie and got him to take medicine, eat, and drink. Then I ran to the store for more medicine so I can alternate them, and juice boxes since he wasn’t drinking much water. Last night was night 3 of crappy sleep and I’m sooooo tired! His fever is down again but he doesn’t feel good.

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