Fidget = Lead

Fidget spinners are all the rage and not just with neurodiverse kids. Turns out, there’s a good chance that the one your kid is playing with has high levels of lead and mercury. This can be poisonous to healthy children, but many neurodiverse kids already have a hard time detoxing heavy metals.

Here’s Tamara Rubin’s assessment of multiple spinners.

Lead isn’t just in the paint of old houses. It’s in old and new toys, jewelry, makeup, old buildings like schools, dirt, old playgrounds, costumes, christmas lights, dishes, and shoes. Educate yourself, get your kids tested regularly, and test items in your home. Thanks to some free kits from Lead Safe America, I was able to test items in my apartment, identify an army trunk as lead positive, dispose of it, and get Wallace’s levels down before it did irreversible harm.

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