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MicroBlog Monday: Walk the Walk

One of the things I keyed into on Puttylike is that if you want a job doing something then start doing that thing and eventually you will get paid to do it. This works especially if you don’t already have … Continue reading

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I started writing a post a few days ago and when I finished it today and hit publish, it went in the order it would have been if I’d published when I first started it. I have no idea what … Continue reading

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Finest Moment

I am bone tired. I did so much the last two days. I’ve been pulled in a dozen directions and do not know how to say no or slow down. I made it through the week somehow, and in all … Continue reading

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Veritable Octopus

Here’s how my brain works: Blog post about interest span > what was that TED talk about people with lots of interests and why didn’t I delve into it then? > googled and found it > how to multipotentialite > found puttylike, the site … Continue reading

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76 – Circumcision

* I noticed there are 10 unpublished drafts on my blog. I decided to go through them and see what is publishable. This was from the series of near-daily blogs I wrote to Wallace during the 100+ days before he … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Play-By-Play

I tried to think of something I’d like to do with Wallace today, but I’ve got nothing. I get the point of this Hallmark holiday and have a “women before us” ideal in my mind that isn’t going to come … Continue reading

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Book Sale!

For those who don’t know, I sell used books on Amazon. It’s a lot of work but also fun and I get to keep Wallace with me. Sometimes, a book looks like it will be profitable and then the price … Continue reading

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