MicroBlog Monday: Money

Money has been hard to come by since having Wallace, but I’m still chugging along. I am stoically working on my Amazon used books business, I am trying to help my friend with her hemp necklace business, I am starting a local resource site for parents, and I am certain that I will start getting Poofy customers soon. What I am lacking is anything consistent pay, which is hard with almost no childcare. Now that my mom is on summer vacation, I have applied to a WIC job and have been keeping my eye on retail positions that might pay enough.

I randomly got a message on SitterCity from someone I applied to two years ago. Unfortunately, I am no longer in that city, but it reminded me to update the site and see if there was anyone locally looking for childcare and willing to pay what it’s worth. I sent two emails and have a job interview today with the potentional of 5, 3 hour shifts this next week.

Though what I really want to do is travel and tent camp with Wallace while sourcing books for Amazon! I hunted down a tent this week at a garage sale and have narrowed down what type of camp stove I want. I also discovered that Aldi has a hammock and portable stand on sale today, so that will be my birthday present to myself. Hopefully the babysitting will be compatible with a few weeks of travel camping while helping give me a financial boost to get us on the road.

*** Got the babysitting job! Have six shifts scheduled already. ***


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2 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Money

  1. M. Titus says:

    Much respect for your plans to travel and tent camp with the little one. We are not avid campers but have been a few times since having the first kid. It was a challenge and a lot of work. Since the second kid, it has until recently seemed like too much. I feel like we may be at the point now where we could do it but I’m sure you can sense my level of optimism…

  2. JennP says:

    Hahahaha, yeh you don’t sound super excited about camping. I grew up tent camping regularly but then that tapered off. The times I’ve tent camped as an adult have only been with Wallace, but my dad set up the tent, we had access to a kitchen and a bathroom, and there was entertainment and people. The first time, he was 9 weeks old and having major nursing issues, so they all imrpoved after that. I have a motorhome but I’m not confident enough to head out in it right now, so this will do!

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