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I have a lot going on and I know that if I don’t get it out and record it here then I will start balking at blogging at all. So here goes.

  • After 93 1/2 years, 5 with dementia, and 8 days unconscious without food or water, my gramma died. I am not sad about this though of course am mourning her. She was never a big presence in my life due to having moved promptly to Florida after her husband died, which was the year before I was born. I was mostly concerned as to how my mom would handle this. She got the call that she transitioning a day after the two year anniversary of her husband’s death, which was very long and drawn out and painful. My mom went every day to sit with her mom and visit with the other family who made it to say goodbye. I was not able to go as it is a long drive and not something I felt Wallace was ready to participate in. We will go to the memorial in August, which I am sure will be a lot of recounting how hilarious my gramma always ways.
  • My mom left today for a European cruise with her friend. I’m very happy for them that they are going after the last few years they have both been through. Wallace, on the other hand, is missing his gramma quite a lot. He is such a sweet sensitive kid and likes things to be predictable. She also spoils him, ha. She set up a bag of little presents for him to open one each morning. When he takes the last present from the bag then he will know that she will be coming back the next day. Today, he got a little journal and he is dictating to me what to write for him. I had him make her a card, which was stuck closed with a sticker and she was given instructions to not open it until she is on the boat. Wallace is insistent that she will stand at the front of the boat when she opens it and then it will fall out of her hands into the water. Oh, crud.
  • I got a new to me computer for my birthday and I am typing on it now! My previous computer is a PowerbookG4 that I got for my 20th birthday. It is on it’s second hard drive, third battery, and second power cord. It is pre intel processor and is so outdated that most programs will not work on it (no Netflix, no Skype, and it is so slow). So, this is what I asked for, researched, and somehow managed to narrow down with a little help from friends. I am really not good at anything technology and am working on transferring things the hand me down computer I had been working on for the last year and from my ancient Mac. A functioning computer is crucial for my Amazon income and very helpful for everything these days. The hand me down computer could not be unplugged and therefore could only be used at the desk. There’s no way I could head out on the road with it and be able to get online and get work done. One thing I am good at is typing and I am loving the way this keyboard clicks and clacks just right.
  • Wallace got his haircut again! About a week after his last haircut, he started asking me for shorter hair, probably because it was starting to get really hot. I adore the chin length shaggy look he had going on but it was time to cut it again. My mom wanted her hair done before her trip so Aunt Leah (my step sister) said she’d come over last night after work. My mom asked if she would do Wallace’s again and she said yes. I sent her a picture of what Wallace said he liked and she replied that she didn’t think she could do it because she doesn’t have a whole lot of clipper experience (she’s high end salon cut and color type). Wallace started to cry and I had to hold him while my mom sent some texts to beloved Aunt Leah. He really just wanted her to cut his hair as he seriously adores her. He has seen me shave my head so many times that I didn’t think he would be scared of it, which was her concern, so I took him in the bathroom and showed him all the parts of my clippers. I turned it on and touched it to his hand, arm, and forehead and he was totally fine. I told Leah that she can do whatever short style she feels comfortable doing on him. It turned out great, of course, and I am still adjusting to seeing all of his sweet face and the soft hair on the back of his head. I also realized he might actually have my ears, though not nearly as large or sticking out.
  • Nina is doing alright these days, yay! She is on only canned cat food and CBD oil. I find the lowest phosphorus levels in the discounted cases of grain free food and go with that. If I give her raw food, she throws up. If I give her transfer factors, she throws up. She has gained a little weight and even though she hangs out more away from us than she ever has, she is very cuddly and sweet and sometimes even playful. I do not have the spare money to take her to the vet to get her thyroid and kidney levels checked but I am content with how she is fairing, which is a million times better than when she was on the thyroid medication.
  • I have been taking CBD oil for 2 1/2 weeks and it needs its own post but I want to say that it is helping. I have been eating a bit too much sugar and non AIP foods and not getting enough sleep, but before that I was down to one migraine a week. Sometimes I could even just take an extra dose of CBD oil and it would go away. A couple times I have taken naproxen and it worked in conjunction with the CBD oil.


On that note, my goal is to be in bed before 10:30 tonight and I want to read for a bit before bed to relax my eyes and brain. I will try to add pictures to this from my phone tomorrow.


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