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Day 1

I just started my first ever office job. Today was an unorganized and yet friendly cluster F starting with having found out yesterday at about noon that I was cleared to start working and was expected at 8am. So yeh. … Continue reading

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Outdoor Challenge: July 15-21

Saturday, July 15 Wallace wanted to go swimming and forecast was promising. We headed out to the pool after lunch and after I did some Amazon work. Two of our neighbors were heading over too, so Wallace was very excited. … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Sore

Yesterday, I managed a little yoga and core exercises while my mom had Wallace for the morning. I am so not consistent with this stuff even though I really wish I were. I miss Bikram yoga so much (love the … Continue reading

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Real World

I got the job. I will be a breastfeeding peer counselor with WIC/the health department. I think that makes me a government employee. I just had my first ever work physical, drug test, and TB test (gotta go back for … Continue reading

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