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That Mom

Wallace is just three days into preschool and I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m “that mom.” I’m also trying to be really nice to the teachers, not be a puddle of emotions, do my work well at … Continue reading

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I need to reclaim this space, so a recap is always good! Wednesday: preschool visit and paperwork, drop direct deposit at Payroll, find out from HR that I’m supposed to work the next day at 8am, impromptu lunch at a … Continue reading

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Day 1

I just started my first ever office job. Today was an unorganized and yet friendly cluster F starting with having found out yesterday at about noon that I was cleared to start working and was expected at 8am. So yeh. … Continue reading

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Outdoor Challenge: July 15-21

Saturday, July 15 Wallace wanted to go swimming and forecast was promising. We headed out to the pool after lunch and after I did some Amazon work. Two of our neighbors were heading over too, so Wallace was very excited. … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Sore

Yesterday, I managed a little yoga and core exercises while my mom had Wallace for the morning. I am so not consistent with this stuff even though I really wish I were. I miss Bikram yoga so much (love the … Continue reading

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Real World

I got the job. I will be a breastfeeding peer counselor with WIC/the health department. I think that makes me a government employee. I just had my first ever work physical, drug test, and TB test (gotta go back for … Continue reading

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