MicroBlog Monday: Sore

Yesterday, I managed a little yoga and core exercises while my mom had Wallace for the morning. I am so not consistent with this stuff even though I really wish I were. I miss Bikram yoga so much (love the yoga, not the man), and I miss bike commuting and walking everywhere.

In the afternoon, we went over for my third time babysitting for a fellow SMC who we met at a library event and then saw me on SitterCity. She has a son a few days older than Wallace and twins who are 19 months. The twins are teething and hitting a growth spurt (thanks to trace minerals!) and the normally happy go lucky little dude just wanted to fuss and be held. So, I got my Catbird Baby Pikkolo carrier from the car and swung him up on my back. For at least an hour. While wrangling three other kids… so yeh.

It hurts my abs to laugh and my traps are so sore I ended up with a migraine by this afternoon. It was so worth it though because it worked and it reset him to mostly happy. Gotta get this body stronger and healthier and little walks around the apartment complex aren’t going to cut it.

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3 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Sore

  1. Mali says:

    I did some yoga last week for the first time in ages after injury, and was surprised by where it hurt after all the unaccustomed stretching! I hope the pain eases for you soon and you can get back into it.

  2. You seem like “an exercise person” so you know to keep at it. I am too, and it’s really one of the things that keeps me feeling like me. I like to wear those sore muscles as a badge of honor. They reminds me that I really accomplished something that day. I love yoga.

  3. JennP says:

    I was skeptical of the ab exercises I tried as was going off of a few infographics I found on Instagram. I’m less sore today so we did a bike ride to a playground. I’ve never had to think about exercising before as I was just a vert active kid and then in my early 20s I bike commuted everywhere. Gonna do the abs again tomorrow hopefully!

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