Day 1

I just started my first ever office job. Today was an unorganized and yet friendly cluster F starting with having found out yesterday at about noon that I was cleared to start working and was expected at 8am. So yeh.

Wallace spent the day with Gramma and did great, but we both missed each other. My coworkers are funny and overall so far nice, though there was talk about my sexuality and my leg hair. I have known a couple of them for four years, though we weren’t friends, so it was fine and just part of getting to know each other. Though I clearly need to up my attire because there was a comment on how I give off gay vibes, in so many words.

I don’t particularly care as long as I am comfortable, I need some clothes for the job anyway, and it’s likely that no matter what I wear I will still look, act, and be really damn gay. Anyway, I stopped for another piece of vegan gf chocolate cake on the way home from work and then went to TJMaxx to try to find some shirts to add to my nearly nonexistent business (very) casual wardrobe. I would have rushed immediately home to hug my baby and eat dinner but they weren’t back from their adventures yet.

I am hoping I can adjust to office life smoothly. I have never had a desk, computer, or phone before. I need advice, please! I am putting together a small bag to keep in a drawer with chapstick, medicine, toothbrush, nail file, emergency snack, and anything else I can come up with. I bought a picture frame and put one of wallace in it, and sticky notes and pens. What else is essential for a work desk? How do I make my gay business casual wardrobe work? How do I make my desk/chair comfortable when I can’t reach the floor and the keyboard at the same time?

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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12 Responses to Day 1

  1. Omg! Im about to get feisty on your behalf! What’s wrong with “gay vibes”- did you tell them they are giving off “heterosexual vibes”?😝 Where are you working? Necessities- pics of loved ones, snacks, tea or your fav instant drink, napkins…..I keep a tweezer for unexpected chin hairs lol but I think I’m a lot older than you! Best wishes and if you are working with the public at all, some of your clients will be very appreciative of the diversity it sounds like you are bringing to the office!!!!

  2. kayrosey says:

    You’ll figure out what you need in your desk over time. I’m a list person, so sticky notes and legal pads were a mainstay for all of my office jobs. I also kept a coffee cup and tea bags, maybe a big bag of m&ms.

  3. teresachase says:

    If the office chair won’t adjust, you need a footstool. I believe you can find one secondhand. If not, I’ll see what I can do. I admire you plunging into this adventure. I know it was hard today, but it WILL get easier. Be gentle with yourself. There will be growing pains. It’s good that you have pics. I would recommend bringing in any other small objects of comfort that bring you joy either by seeing or holding them in your hand. Also keep a small notebook handy. Chronicle your challenges/thoughts/feelings. This is a big step. One day you’ll look back at the notations of this journey and know how much enlightenment you gained. It’s a lot of work. But you’re worth it. 💜 #YouGotThis

  4. Emergency period supplies for in the bag. And tell someone about the chair/keyboard thing!

  5. Lindsay says:

    What’s wrong with giving off ‘gay’ vibes? I do everywhere I go, and if someone at work was commenting on my clothing and insinuating it was too gay, I’d just wear a fucking rainbow patch on my shirt the next day! lol

    You should tell someone at work about the keyboard/feet thing. Not sure if they have the budget for ergonomically friendly stuff but if you’re going to be at your desk a lot they could at least get you something to prop your feet up on.

    Is this is a M-F 9-5 type job?

  6. JennP says:

    The gay vibes thing conversation is really hard to explain. I know one of these women from when I was a client here (will explain the job in another post). She was saying how my bald head doesn’t immediately make me read as gay and how it took a while for her to realize I’m gay. And then there was a comment, that was not rude or unkind, about how my outfit was a little more obvious. I was wearing a kinda loose fitting blue and green plaid button up with slacks. I am very plain in how I dress and don’t care for a lot of current fashions.

  7. JennP says:

    I think I need a big gay coffee cup. I should have grabbed a legal pad, that’s perfect. I will see if my mom has any. I got big sticky notes and pens and a picture frame so far.

  8. JennP says:

    I think it needs a plant in there but there are no windows. I’m going to have to figure out how to make that work. We were talking about floor lamps and maybe I can throw some plant bulbs in them! Better for all of us. The chair adjusts to the height I need for the computer, but then my feet dangle. I was thinking one of those exercise steps that are about 5″ off the ground would be perfect. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for them at goodwill. I almost stopped by the store again last night. I was determined to eat cake alone.

  9. JennP says:

    I use a cup. So hmm. Maybe I should get a second for work. I have been starting mid morning some months.

  10. JennP says:

    See my other comment reply about the gay conversation. I swear it wasn’t offensive but I do need a rainbow mug now! Government office, so no budget for anything new. Job is 4 days a week, flexible hours but usually 9-5 (I might make it 8:45-4:45). It’s 29 hours a week cause no benefits. Will do another post explaining the job better later.

  11. Moira says:

    I am excited for you! Ask them for anything you need to make your workspace ergonomic-no one should have to deal with dangling feet! I like to have tea and some packaged snacks at work. The big Old Navy store in downtown chicago had pretty nice cheap work pants, or h&m. When I’m not feeling like dealing with fashion, it’s one pair of black pants, one pair of grey pants, and enough shirts to wear a different one each day of the week-simple.

  12. JennP says:

    I’ve got two pairs of pants from old navy and two slacks from a while ago. Gotta get a few more shirts and I will hopefully be set. It’s a pretty casual business casual. Since this is a county organization, the best I would get for my feet is a cardboard box or something.

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