I need to reclaim this space, so a recap is always good!

Wednesday: preschool visit and paperwork, drop direct deposit at Payroll, find out from HR that I’m supposed to work the next day at 8am, impromptu lunch at a health food store, kid falls asleep in the car, check of 2nd TB test (still asleep), get home and start prepping for work (still asleep), dinner, shower, and a late bedtime since that two hour nap happened.

Thursday: kid was awake when I left, Gramma mostly asleep on the couch, show up at new job saying I’m the new hire, hectic and overly personal introductions, some checklists of things to cover, too many hours staring at white writing on a blue screen for the Civil Rights training, inside all day and stayed longer than supposed to, stop at Dollar Tree and TJMaxx on my way home in search of work clothes since kid is with Gramma and isn’t back yet, get text he wants his Momma and rush home forgetting one of the bags of things, late dinner, walk to connect with kid, bedtime and prepping for the next day.

Friday: kid was asleep when I left ans I only sorta tried to wake him, Gramma never replied to my texts asking how the day was, more working through new hire checklists and getting to know each other, efficient at finding my way to and from bathroom alone, found out I’m not in payroll system and was supposed to have a badge, went for a walk for part of my lunch break because I can’t stand being stuck inside for 8 hours, learned way around the charting program and entered in a stack of pink cards for the last 4 hours of my day, called TJMaxx after work and stopped by to get bag, home to kid and I didn’t have to cook dinner.


I started writing this almost two weeks ago and every day has been non stop. As it stands now, I have had ten days of work and Wallace starts preschool on Monday. I have all the paperwork in for DHS to help with three days this month and four day weeks through September, but no word if it will go through, no word on what the cost will be out of pocket if it doesn’t, and two weeks until my first full paycheck.

I am down to about a migraine a week but am out of the new brand of CBD oil that was helping a ton so I’m in pain and worn out. We have had two birthday parties, some babysitting, and a Day Out With Thomas.

Work needs it’s own post and so does Thomas, preschool, and CBD oil. I just don’t have the time or energy. I need to delete Instagram from my phone again, as I lose myself in it instead of being productive. I haven’t been able to read much lately and am learning to be hyper productive even if I’m hurting. Our road trip needs a post too, well, mostly me over analyzing it…

That’s all I got for now as Wallace has finally fallen asleep after a wild bedtime that included hitting me and then crying when I caught hold of his arm. Time to prep some cucmber salad and clothing labels.


About JennP

Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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7 Responses to Busy

  1. The life of a single mom is killer. Only for the love of our children do we survive!

  2. JennP says:

    I know your blog name but am not familiar with your blog. Now I feel horrible! Why do I not know your story? I looked for an about section but didn’t find one.

  3. Darlene Dee says:

    Jenn this late summer sounds so hectic for you. Lazy days it is NOT.
    My very awesome teenager has a mantra for times like this: Slay those Hoes.
    (Please note my teenager is a little activist hippie and has assured me that hoes is not a derogatory reference to women but rather a catch-all term for anyone or anything that has got you down. Yes, we had that co versatile. Yes, I am that mom too lol.)

    So I say to you: Slay those hoes. ❤️

  4. Darlene Dee says:

    Co versatile = conversation. I want to edit that so bad because misspellings make me itchy but I shall persevere. 🙃

  5. JennP says:

    Bahahahaha, alright, I will slay those hoes!

  6. JennP says:

    I was wondering if I wasn’t up on some parenting trend there. Conversation makes so much more sense.

  7. There should be an about section at solomamaentendre.com – it’s pretty short but covers the basics. Fortunately, when you publish, it alerts me via email, I haven’t figured out how to do that for mine 😳 your blog inspired one I wrote last night LOL.

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