Wallace and I are both running on empty while trying to do too many things. I don’t know how to get us both more rest or decrease our to do lists.

He has preschool four days a week and comes with me to babysit on Fridays. We try to see friends now and then and there’s this whole business of Halloween, which is much protracted compared to what it was like 30 years ago. He also needs his down time playing by himself, reading and playing games one on one, and having some quality time with me. He doesn’t nap at school, and hasn’t napped even semi regularly in a year, so he falls asleep on the way home most afternoons. I have a hard time remembering to get him a few baths a week and getting him in bed by 8 is a struggle.

I work four days a week and then babysit for a single mom of three boys. I also have to do all the cleaning, shopping, cooking, and basic life things. I have yoga teacher training for five hours every Sunday and am supposed to be doing reading, daily home practice, taking classes, and observing classes. I think I am not eating enough as I’m in a food slump and nothing seems good. I am not usually getting to bed by 10, despite desperately needing to be, and my mornings are a hectic rush going to be made worse by the need to scrape windows. I’m trying to balance money, push through office politics to get my work done, maintain a positive attitude, stay connected with my kid, find time to shower, and eat healthy.
I need a few more hours in the day to juggle it all.


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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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6 Responses to Exhaustion

  1. Lord do I hear you šŸ™ Iā€™m trying to figure out also how to slow things down. Our eating has gone to crap a bit.

  2. JennP says:

    Do you have anything to cut from your week? I feel like I don’t and am falling further behind.

  3. Oh gosh do I ever understand this!! It seems as though it’s always a juggling act in my life too – usually our cooking is the first thing to go when things get crazy, which of course is probably one of the things we actually need the most. I wish o had good advice, but all I can say is I understand and I hope more downtime comes your way asap!

  4. No not currently. Unless I cut my one class I take for one hour šŸ˜­

  5. JennP says:

    Yeh, don’t do that! I’m always trying to find ways to be more efficient.

  6. YUP. This is so our lives right now. I see people, usually with older (or no) kids posting on Facebook about the epidemic of busyness and how they’re all making the choice to slow down and I find myself wanting to cuss them out. Someday things will not be so urgent and overwhelming. It must be true ā¤

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