Up to Speed

  • December 8th, I quit my job at WIC. The way I was being treated was deteriorating, not getting better, and I had clients notice it as well. I cleaned out my desk before leaving Thursday and no one noticed. I sent a formal resignation email Friday at 4:30. I then got a text from the director Monday about 10am asking if I was coming into work. My adrenaline kicked in and crashed shortly after. She hadn’t seen the email, her fault, not mine. I then got messages from a coworker, one of the ones who played into the issues, at how shocked she was I quit. She had never bothered to get my number the 4 months we shared an office… I am sad this position did not work out for me, though I loved the job and working with moms.
  • I have been sick with various things for about 6 weeks. At one point I was coughing so uncontrollably that I went to urgent care and was prescribed steroids and an inhaler. As I finally got over that illness, I got a GI bug from babysitting and then a cold on top of that. I am dealing with a perpetual sinus infection now. I am taking zinc, vitamin C, D3, running a humidifier, and using my neti pot multiple times a day.
  • I have thrown myself back into sourcing books, though I am faltering at getting them listed and sent in. I found a registered for a new scanning app and love it. I have also found a Goodwill Outlet, which is interesting and sometimes leads to gems. It is sometimes challenging having to manage my own schedule again, but is easier with Wallace in school 4 days a week.
  • Christmas was a wild ride. We missed out on my dad’s side’s Christmas party because my grandparents are too frail to be exposed to our germs. I decided to sew cloth bags instead of using wrapping paper, so stayed up late a couple nights working on them. Christmas eve, we went to my step sisters house for a lunch I couldn’t eat, along with my mom and my (estranged) brother. She put on Santa Clause 3 and gave Wallace some weird presents. Christmas morning, Wallace was up about 7, we started opening presents while waiting for my step brother, sister in law, and my (estranged) brother. When they got there, we finished up presents and had brunch. We were supposed to go to my cousin’s house, but it was too far away to make happen with the snow we had. My dad came over two days ago to bring presents to Wallace, they had a blast together. Then he came with us to a used bookstore. Yesterday, we babysat for a fellow SMC (of three boys!) and exchanged presents. I am hoping to head to my aunt’s house for a visit soon, since we missed seeing them.
  • I started packing lunch for Wallace after parent teacher conferences. He was being fed so much bread and crackers at school, and barely eating fruit and vegetables there or at home. He’s already had a big increase in eating healthy foods and I hope it continues after winter break. Other than food, I love his school and teachers.
  • At the used book store, I found a Nikki Giovanni book. I started reading it that night and wrote a poem while reading the introduction… my first completed poem in years! I used to be a performance/slam poet in Chicago. I had paid gigs and even made a CD and very limited run chapbook. I had a round of venues I’d go to for open mics and participated in slams. I tried to get into the scene in Denver, by doing a few open mics and slams and one paid gig. It just never felt like home. I haven’t performed since a few months before I got pregnant. I miss it a lot. Maybe this is the start of writing again.

    I am sure I missed something big, but I need to neti pot, shower, and sew a 4th birthday present for a friend of Wallace’s. I’ve been reading blogs now and then, but hope to get back in the swing of writing as well. What have you been up to? How have your holidays gone? Any ideas on how to celebrate New Years with a 4 year old without staying up late?


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    Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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