Everytime I clip Wallace’s nails, I think about a high school classmate and if he was able to clip his daughter’s nails. Then I think about how he died (sad story ahead). I don’t know why this obsessive thought has been with me for two years, so I’m going to write about Daryne.

I met Daryne when I was in 11th grade. He was cognitively challenged and associating with him came with a stigma. He was very friendly, always had a smile on his face and a wave. He had short dark hair that stuck up a bit and a way of clinging onto a subject or person that made him hard to shake. I didn’t talk with him much and mostly just saw him in passing. At some point, he started working at Kroger as a bagger, which really suited his gregarious personality.

Two years ago, after my step dad died, my step sister told me that Daryne had been killed. That shook me. She explained that a few years before, he was lured into a relationship with a woman due to his savings, they got married, and had a kid. I was floored. Daryne never seemed like he had the wherewithal to navigate a relationship and consent to marriage. I thought parents would have stepped in and prevented someone taking advantage of him like this.

Daryne bought a house in an older subdivision, she left him, and they divorced. His mom had to supervise all visitations with his daughter because he wasn’t capable of being responsible for a child. And this is where my obsessive question picks up. I am sure that he loved his child very much and beamed with pride. I am sure he was a great father, so caring. But, could he take care of her basic needs? Could he clip her nails? It’s such a simple nurturing act. I just can’t get over these thoughts.

So, then it gets worse. His mom killed him and his daughter. She violently murdered them. She left a note. She killed her son and granddaughter because she couldn’t handle the responsibility anymore. My step sister said she knew his mom as she worked at the bank she went to for years. She said she was obsessive and creepy, as in showed up at my step sisters house multiple times by using her bank info to get her address.

In writing this, I decided to look into if the case was tried and found this article about the court case and this article about the family situation. It doesn’t answer my question, but it gets it off my chest.


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3 Responses to Clippings

  1. kayrosey says:

    Ugh. That’s a terrible story.
    One of my foster kid’s mom is intellectually disabled and just plain isn’t able to take care of her kids. The fact that she even has 3 kids is super concerning because she really isn’t high functioning enough to legally consent to having sex. She loves her kids to pieces, it’s sad that she’s lost custody of them.

  2. JennP says:

    Does she get to do visitations? I heard a snippet on the radio yesterday about sexual assault and abuse being a very big issue for disabled people, very high rates.

  3. kayrosey says:

    She gets 6 hrs a week, supervised. This situation will drag on for 2-3 years, that’s just how it goes for foster kids, then the kids will be adopted out. We are 100% on board with keeping her in the baby’s life, who knows about her other 2 kids though.

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