Celery Juice

The subject I wanted to write about and forgot the other day, is celery juice! I randomly came across the Medical Medium on Instagram, who promotes celery juice as a vehicle for healing the liver and chronic diseases. I have migraines, Celiac, chronic EBV, possibly RA, chronic pain and fatigue, and this last summer I had a gallstone blocking my common bile duct causing jaundice. I narrowly avoided surgery by going against allopathic medical advice and finding a way to dislodge it.

Anyway, coming across this was fortuitous and I jumped into action. I immediately got out my old juicer that is missing a piece and has a broken spot, but it still works! I began juicing celery that very next day. His recommendations are to work up to 16oz first thing every morning, which is roughly an entire bunch worth.

I am not a big fan of celery, but the benefits have been amazing already. I have had four migraine days over the last 5 weeks. Previous months were 6 to 8 migraine days, some lasting 2 days of misery. I will say that two of December’s migraines were due to extenuating circumstances – getting glutened and hitting my head getting Wallace in the car.

The other benefits I have noticed so far are no heartburn, much better digestion (aka pooping), more energy, better hydration (all those mineral salts in the celery!), better attitude, less puffy face, and fewer cravings. The taste of celery juice has grown on me and if I get a batch that isn’t as good, I just add some Himalayan salt to it and it is much better. I feel like my brain fog is also improved and I look forward to being able to focus enough to read his books in the near future.

My current regamin is a gluten free and mostly vegan diet, celery juice first thing in the morning, more celerey juice in the afternoon if needed or I didn’t finish it, CBD oil once or twice during the day, magnesium and iron supplements, I am out of my B vitamins and need to get more, a PM CBD oil before bed, and usually a bedtime tea. I need to get better about doing 20 minutes of yoga a day and about going to bed by 10pm. Those two things would help me a lot. And eating more fruits and vegetables, of course.

My goal is to keep working towards optimal health including detoxing from the heavy metals I have been exposed to from lead paint, vaccines, and mercury fillings. I want to reach optimal health, not just for myself, but for Wallace and for the ability to have another child in the future. The testimonials from people who have and are healing themselves are pretty amazing and the only thing he sells are books. He has a list of supplements he thinks are beneficial and high quallity, but does not have his own line. For now, I will just keep juicing along!

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