Fumbling Along

I have been feeling really bad for about a week. My whole body hurts to the point it is hard to sleep some nights. I am so exhausted and fatigued. I am snapping and irritable and down.

I have some ideas as to what could be going on, but I have no desire to attempt to pin it down with an allopathic diagnoses and treatment. It could be EBV, some other infection, RA, or some other pain syndrome that is more symptom than diagnosis such as fibromyalgia (I believe in the experience, but not the western diagnosis, because it does not include a cause).

Over the summer when I was going through my stuck gallstone drama, my bloodwork came back with a positive IgG. The doctor said I should see a rheumatologist, but that there are none in the county who accept my insurance and new patients. They didn’t bother so I didn’t bother. I managed to make it 7 years with celiac disease before acquiring any additional food intolerances, 12 years before showing up with another autoimmune marker.

I have been dealing with chronic pain and fatigue since about 6 months after Wallace was born. Various things have helped, such as certain foods and supplements, and various things have hurt, such as various foods, stress, and not enough sleep. Back then, I made myself go see a doctor after weeks of waking up and barely being able to walk. I was dismissed. A couple years later I tried again with a different doctor, in tears in the office, and was again dismissed.

I had been doing really well the last 6 weeks with daily celery juice and mostly decent sleep. Then it hit hard and I am miserable. I’ve got Wallace in bed and am waiting for him to fall asleep so I can take a shower. I was going to take a bath but that seems like a more daunting prospect. For now, I will just keep working on the things I can do for myself and my health and save up to see a doctor who will believe me and have some ideas on how to treat me.


I went to urgent care today. I have a kidney infection and I tested positive for influenza A despite having no symptoms of it. I am on antibiotics for the infection and got a shot of steroids for the body pain. I’m hoping that will allow me to sleep tonight.

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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