MicroBlog Monday: Green Beans

I love food with flavor and a variety of vegetables. So being a single parent to a picky 5 year old cramps my style. He is definitely way more adventurous than a lot of kids his age, but I have worked hard to get there! We keep crackers and cereal to a minimum and he is required to eat a vegetable with lunch and dinner. He also has texture issues that come from global hypotonia and the feeding issues he has as an infant and toddler. His current choices are broccoli, raw or cooked carrots, sweet potato fries or mash, sometimes cucumber, and a couple times cauliflower. I figured green beans would be a good one to try and one I liked at a young age, so I grabbed a bag of fresh green beans on our last Aldi trip.

He didn’t give me a full thumbs up, but I call green beans a success! We were going to have vegan Mac and cheese leftovers with broccoli for him. I was going to make green beans and garlic to go with it and get him to try one bite. He said he’d try it if we came up with a good sauce to put on it. I pulled out a vegetarian Thai cookbook – this kid loves flavor and spice – and we found a recipe for red curry tofu and green beans. At 1pm, having not had a big breakfast, we abandoned leftovers and he helped me cut the green beans and tofu. It turned out really good and he ate everything on his plate along with more tofu and rice. Relatively cheap meal and I got him to try a vegetable he has refused for years, yay!

What vegetable should we try next?

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