One year ago today, my cat and best friend of ten years, Nina, died. She had struggled with hyperthyroidism and kidney disease for over a year and the last few weeks were terrible. Letting her go was one of the hardest moments in my life.

I held her for the last couple hours. At some points she was lucid and knee who I was, trying to climb into my lap or be petted. At other moments she lay exhausted half off my lap, clearly in pain. I knew it had to be done, after months of doing everything I could to keep her happy and alive, so I consented to euthanasia and held her as she died. I watched the life go from her eyes and her body as the vet sat on the floor with us and checked her heart. This still brings me to tears as I write it.

One thing I learned from this ordeal with my sweet, noisy, loving, demanding, silly cat is that dry kibble is not what cats should be eating. Cats naturally need food with water in it and low to no grains/starches. Feeding them kibble, even high quality grain free that she had mosyly been on for years, cause kidney disease as well as other chronic conditions. Their bodies are not meant for it!

Please check out Cat Info for lots of information on feline nutrition. I am grateful for the vast knowledge on this site including how to make raw food, which is way easier than you’d think, and what canned foods that are low in phosphorus, which was downloaded on my phone and utilized at the pet store for months.

I have been coming across old pictures of Nina, so I want to share some of them. They are from her happy healthy days before she was sick, back when she was at least 14lbs of lovely cuddly fluff and attitude.

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