MicroBlog Monday: Get Outside!

It is spring here in Michigan, which means we just had snow and freezing rain after two weeks of gorgeous weather. Ha!

I’ve been making a point to get us outside as much as possible, which sometimes means loitering around the places we are going to, like the art museum or library. But I’ve also managed lots of hikes and walks and park trips. I am trying to get us exploring new places as I get bored going to the same ones.

I also have the goal of getting us in a canoe this year and going camping again. Hopefully our first bike ride of the year will be soon!

Loitering outside the art museum in his new birthday shirt.

Loitering outside the library.

Our favorite local playground.

Exploring a county park I had no idea existed. It wad quite muddy and was close to dinner so we didn’t get very far.

Swing break before heading back. We walked a path in the town we used to live in that we used to bike. We paused for sword fights, tree inspections, and Pooh sticks.

Visited an old favorite after swim lessons. Had lunch under the pavilion and got birthday presents from Grandpa.

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