How To Train Your Six Year Old

I’ve had a six year old for over a month! I keep meaning to write about this milestone and his birthday celebrations. I never wrote about his 5th birthday, and don’t want the same to happen here. In brief, he had a friend party, his first movie theatre experience, a park hang with Grandpa, and Build-A-Bear and Rainforest Cafe with myself and Gramma. He’s been very into dragons and Vikings. Time for pictures!

Viking hat prototype! I used a few patterns/tutorials and might make a post of what I did. And yes, we know Vikings didn’t really wear hats with horns.

Gramma was in charge of making the light fury and toothless decorations.

I made Viking hats for all the kids instead of goodie bags.

Homemade party decorations! He glued the paper together, colored the dragons, and colored in the letters.

Light fury and toothless made from foam sheet scraps and pressed between a laminating sheet.

Simple healthy food is how we roll. I try not to use disposable things, but I couldn’t figure out a better way to do it.

He wanted rice crispy treats instead of a cake. I accidentally bought the not gluten free kind so I couldn’t have any. He insisted on candles, but no singing.

Playing with one of his gifts after the party.

I made this toothless shirt!

Toothless shirt, pirate pants, and Viking hat while watching previews in the lobby of the movie theatre.

Hugging his brand new light fury stuffed animal.

Rainforest Cafe and birthday pictures.

This is his birthday crown my mom and I made him when he was one. He would not let me take a picture of him so I set him up to take his own selfies.

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