MicroBlog Monday: Friends

At preschool last year, the teachers called all the kids friends. I thought it was cute but also noticed it disregarded the fact that some kids weren’t friends yet or weren’t going to mesh that well. No one, child or adult, has to like and befriend every person they come in contact with. We need to be polite and considerate and work together, but we don’t have to all be friends.

When kids meet for the first time at playgrounds and in public ways, they become instant friends. There is no conflict, but immediate adventure. It might last 20 minutes or consist of hours of fun. It might be just the one time and they never see each other, or they might cross paths again and become more than playground buddies. I remember a little boy I played with at a park when I was maybe 8 or 9. He was probably younger than me, I was really small, and I believe he was Chinese and didn’t speak English. We just played and none of that mattered.

Sometimes, a friend of a friend is not your friend. Maybe you disagree on some big issue or just don’t jive. Maybe you make do at functions but don’t seek them out on your own. Is that being fake or just being a good friend to your mutual friend? Maybe they try to exclude you or others based on perceived gender or other traits when all you want to do is collect flowers and run around with them.

Friendships are multifaceted and ever changing. They are instantaneous, just add sunshine, or take a long time to develop with lots on insecurities and ups and downs. Some friends, I’ve never met in person and some I could see daily and not get irritated with them. Some fade over time or there’s a rift that forces us apart. Some stick in my heart and mind and I wonder about 20 years later.

But, for now I will revel in new friendships, growing like dandelions in spring. That instant connection that flourishes on trust and reciprocation. Hands held, conversations had, gluten free rice cakes shared.

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