Tongue Tie: 5 Weeks Post Surgery

I began referring to it as surgery after a week of people not understanding the complexity of the procedure. Though I was awake with lots of numbing medication, it was very much an in office surgery with a long healing time. I had been planning to have Wallace stay with his friend and her grandma, but we needed to go see my grandma that day (she died a few days later).

We drove over an hour to the dentist and began to get settled. After numbing me, they asked what I’d had to eaten so far that day, which was a gf bagel with vegan cream cheese. Not enough, and so they gave me a gross but filling protein drink to chug from a straw without the feeling of my face.

The worst part of the pain was from the numbing injections in the back of my jaw and the fact my jaw was propp open for quite a while. My tie was very deep, fibrous, and asymmetrical. During the procedure, I could feel areas of my body release and smooth out – front of neck, back of neck, shoulders, and even my pelvis.

The drive from the dentist to the hospital was an hour and half, which allowed for half of my fave to thaw, relieving a lot of the pain ftom the medicine. Visiting my grandma was very hard and eventually a doctor told us Wallace couldn’t be on the ward due to his age. I didn’t take any pictures of my grandma and only got to spend a few munites with her, told her how much I love her. (Tearing up writing this.) Wallace brightened my grandpa’s day, so that was the highlight.

I managed to eat an apple sauce pouch by gently squirting it in my mouth and I had some bites of brownie. As the numbing and the intense deep pain from that went away, I was left with a raw and pinching pain under my tongue. I knew I had to keep moving my tongue but instinct was to let it lay flat at the bottom of my mouth like a scared animal. I used homeopathy to help with shock and pain, but by the next day had to start taking extra strength tylenol.

I was given a list of exercises to do by the dentist as well as a mouth wash to prevent infection. I had to find addition exercises online, make up my own, and massage under my tongue. I think it has healed a bit tight, but I’m hoping it will continue to relax as it heals, which is a long process. I have had a decrease in daily neck pain and have some things I do to help with that as well, but I have not yet had a decrease in migraines.

I have a sleep study scheduled for two weeks from now, so hopefully we can see what is going on with my sleep that makes me feel so terrible all the time. The dentist would like me to do a protocol that would expand my palate, realign my teeth (I’ve got an over bite and evidence of grinding), and open my airway. It has cosmetic benefits but the point would be to reverse or prevent the number of health issues associated with disordered breathing during sleep. It is quite expensive and not covered by insurance, but continuing on as I have is not an option.

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