Wallace Said Wednesday: Inaugural Post

I decided I should start a little series cause my kid says some hilarious and poignant things. I have always been fascinated by his language development and he has so much to say. The goal is to create a post and add to it until Wednesday, publishing it then. I will attempt to provide some context for the quote, because some of our inside jokes and daily life might not make sense or be funny to others.

“I am glad she sent them to us to listen to cause now I have nice country music for my body.”

In discussing CDs my mom’s friend gave to me thinking I could sell them on Amazon (I can’t), but now would like them back instead of me donating them to the library book sale. We will keep the ones we had picked out to listen to, which are mostly Celtic, classical, and a little country, and might pass them back to her.

“You know I can plan the future with mind.”

Maybe channeling some law of attraction concepts? I asked him if it always works how he plans and he said no, but was totally cool with that.

“I think the thing you love most is me… then babies.”

Yes. That’s pretty true. I wasn’t sure fora second what he was going to say after him. Was hoping for chocolate, but babies makes sense. I got to hold my friends’ baby today, she was my first doula baby. He then said he thinks it’s funny I ask baby questions. I ask if they want to be picked up. I ask how they are or, today, I asked why she looked so serious.

“I’m exploring the raisin parts of my body.”

After a bath of course.

“You know that kids aren’t a thing. They’re just robots. I’m a robot. Doot deet dot dee doo!”

This one came out of nowhere.

Whispering, “I don’t know why my voice doesn’t have any color.”

Huh? Sometimes I think he is tripping.

“I mean, you’re pretty much nuts.”

I was singing along to a favorite album in the car.

School clothes.

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2 Responses to Wallace Said Wednesday: Inaugural Post

  1. mikuwren says:

    Ah that kid is amazing! Love this post.

  2. JennP says:

    Thanks! Took me two weeks cause I forgot to post it last Wednesday. I already started another. Sometimes I don’t get them added because I’m driving or doing something I can’t stop right then.

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