First Lost Tooth

It’s been an exciting evening over here! While Wallace was in the bath, he lost his first baby tooth, bottom front left. He said he was biting around the edge of the hat on my rubber ducky and it popped out and went under his boat in the tub. He freaked out a bit and there was some blood and a few tears. I couldn’t hold him in my lap and hug him because he was in the tub.

He calmed down once the blood stopped and was able to get out of the tub. He had some applesauce and a drink of water and I brushed his teeth without toothpaste. He wants the tooth fairy to come and all I’ve got on hand is a dollar, so we are going old school.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the angle of his front bottom teeth looked different. I asked to see if they were wiggly and 2 of them were, the one that just fell out was the most wiggly. He’s had lots of friends lost teeth alread and I wasn’t sure how long it would take for him as my mom and I were both on the later side.

This is one of those parenting times I wish I had someone along for the ride. Someone who is just as invested in the ups and downs as I am. But that’s why I started this blog so long ago, to have a place to put it all, to process and remember.

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Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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