Wallace Said Wednesday 2

“When I grow up, I’m going to live in the wild.”

Morning snuggles. Totally left field, but he had ideas of what he would do living in the wild, like watching birds to learn how to make birds nests to use as pots.

“My electronic eyes did it. I’m hypnotyzing you.”

He told me a math problem and I asked him how his brain figured it out. This is what I got… and he added about how he took out his regular eyes last night and put them under his pillow. Huh???

“I never knew there was corners in this place.”

Looking around in the living room of our new apartment.

“You would look like a teenager with a tiny adult.”

His reasoning as to why I should carry his lunch box and he should carry his back pack on the way into school.

“Pretend I’m a carrot. My “best by” date is March 11th. Hahahaha!”

That’s his birthday. This was while eating. No carrots around.

Me: take it all off.

Him: take it Olaf? Hahahaha

Trying to get him to change his clothes so he can go play in the first snow and he keeps putting something back on.

“Is my name John, John Wilbert Wiggles?”

Yeh, no idea.

“I think your name might be Pocket Watch.”

We were eating dinner. Came out of nowhere.

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