Book Tracking

I decided, over a month in, that I should keep track of the books I read for the year. It’s been many years since I’ve done it and not only is it nice to look back on, but with my memory it’s the only way I will remember what I read. It might be good for Wallace to be able to look back on too, and he’s on the verge of reading chapter books himself soon.

Reading to himself! He loves books and is really taking off with reading.

I have been managing to read some for myself in the last year, but not as much as I once was able to. After surgery, I started with some graphic novels to be a little easier on my eyes and less daunting. I had managed to finish The Princess Bride right before and it was a great distraction at bedtime when my anxiety was through the roof. I read it once in high school when they put me in a remedial English class to give me an easy passing grade when life was a mess. I also had read all the books the other classes taught and this one there were some I hadn’t read yet. Anyway, I should wax poetic on Princess Bride another time!

Most of our picture book collection, minus the ones in the garage that are pre 1986 (lead risk). There are early readers behind the doors at the bottom of the shelf.

I decided a page will be the best way to track books, so I created it here. I split it into me, chapter books I read to Wallace, and picture books. It might also motivate me to finish books or read more than just small sections in nonfiction books to him. We always have an audio book going, which we listen to while we eat or if I’m stuck in bed with a migraine, so I’ve noted those in the list. We use Overdrive and Hoopla to listen to free audio books on my Kindle, but when we used to drive places we also use CDs in the car.

I hope to diversify our reads even more this year and I’m always open to suggestions! Also, we do a lot of discussion around the books we read and sometimes pull up videos or read about the history and facts surrounding the stories. For instance, we both really enjoy the Little House series but they only tell the story from one side. I was very excited when I found the Birchbark series and it has opened up more discussion on the experience and perspective of Native Americans.

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