YouTube Update

After getting diagnosed with Chiari Malformation in November of 2019, I started a YouTube channel. It’s called Brain Squeeze! I was searching for firsthand experiences on there and there just weren’t many. Because my surgery was postponed twice, there are lots of videos of me in the car just rambling about the latest appointments and updates and anxieties.

Those were the good old days when Wallace could go to school and I could go to the local café and work on my school work!

Because the fatigue has gotten so much worse since surgery, I haven’t updated much in months. I also haven’t had the ability to work on editing skills and making my videos a little more polished. I am trying to at least get decent thumbnail pictures, but even that is a bit too much to work on.. Oh well… It is what it is!

A few nights ago I made a rambling video with my basic medical related updates. It’s long and unedited. Then I made a video last night when I tried RSO for the first time. I was going to do another tonight but I overdid it today and the kid is taking forever to fall asleep. I’ve already taken my dose and just want to curl up with my cat and a book and rest.

I’m open to suggestions on what I should make videos about and always down for information on how to easily better my videos. So far, my most popular video is the one I made about what to pack for surgery. I’m always particularly proud of the very short one I made in the ICU the day after brain surgery!

About JennP

Single mom by choice, lesbian, natural living, parenting, car free, Chicago.Thank you for reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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