Last year, Wallace’s birthday party was delayed due to him and me being sick with something. I was told it was influenza A but it lasted me many weeks and I was very easily fatigued. So maybe it wasn’t the flu.

Anyway, he got to have a 7th birthday party with friends and I was so grateful for all the help from my friends. Just a week or so later, the state issued stay home orders. A year later and we could have an in person party, but it’s not worth the risk.

Wednesday was Wallace’s birthday and he woke up to the house decorated and a treasure hunt for presents. I totally overdid it physically putting up the decorations and felt terrible from it, but it turned out great and he loves it. The treasure hunt was easier to set up than I thought it would be. It was a little tricky for him but he did his best and now will get the idea for next year.

Decorated chair and the start of the treasure hunt.

I had planned on simpler decorations but my dad grabbed a bunch and so I went all out. There were things I didn’t put up because I ran out of steam. He said the streamers over the door startled him in the morning and he has been calling it Medusa.

The lights have been up since December and made a good place to hang more decorations.

In the morning we hung out and he played and my dad sent a message via Marco Polo (he had come over 2 days before). Then my mom came over, with presents, and there was more playing. She brought cake pans and a mixer and I managed to make his cake and frosting. It was a box mix but it was a lot of work for me and it was good my mom was able to make sure I didn’t burn it.

Gluten free funfetti with dairy free butter cream frosting. Had to have sprinkles too!

Right when we were about to cut the cake, the neighbor boy came over with a bag of presents and a balloon. Wallace tried to run off across the street to play with no shoes on (it’s been a week of false spring). I got him to come back, have some cake, and put his socks and shoes on. I sent some cake to the neighbors as well. I also had the chance to ask him some birthday questions, which I should write up as a separate post.

While he was out I called and ordered dinner from our favorite Thai restaurant. I had planned to get him pizza but he surprised me with a request for drunken noodle. Even though the staff weren’t ones we know well, when they found out it was a birthday dinner for a kid, they comped his meal.

Today we are going to attempt a virtual hangout with friends and family. It will be good to see people we haven’t been able to much in the last year. I also managed to make his birthday shirt and a new W shirt. He wore his 7 shirt the 3 days before his birthday and now the 8 shirt will probably be worn until I tell him he’s gotta change.

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  1. mikuwren says:

    Wonderful! Yaaay Wallace!

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