Third Grade – Online Public School

I decided that this year I couldn’t handle homeschooling on my own. The Partnership Wallace attended in person for most of 1st grade, we did only part time online last year. And this year it just wasn’t going to work. They aren’t taking the pandemic precautions seriously and my health is too complicated to risk it. For 2nd grade I did math and reading curriculum on my own with Wallace at home and they got two video electives a semester. Those weren’t going to be offered this year and Wallace needed more than 2 core curriculums.

Kind of last minute, a friend told me about an online option funded through school of choice public school. I looked into it, talked to someone, attended an online information night, and worked my butt off to get all the paperwork in and set to go in a matter of days. I’m still impressed I pulled that off!

So far we have the laptop and printer as well as the online parts of the courses. We are waiting for the tangible books and manipulatives and for some little details to get worked out on their end. But Wallace started working on classes Tuesday and so far seems pretty motivated to do them! We haven’t yet managed to complete one set of lessons for each class in one day but they don’t expect us to yet.

I am hoping as the year goes by and we get the hang of how the program works, it will require less involvement from me. That way, when I’m having a really terrible day (like yesterday) or have appointments to go to, Wallace can handle much of it on their own. I decided to only sign them up for the four core classes – math, language arts, social studies, and science – so we still have time to play games, bake, do projects, watch Pokémon, read books, and get outside.

I’m already missing the more one-on-one aspect of normal homeschooling and I have been missing all the community events and activities thanks to the pandemic. We used to go to museums, farmers market, classes at the nature preserve, and playdates with friends, but last year it was just us at home all the time. Maybe we will end up liking this and sticking with it, or maybe we will go back to the homeschool program they were a before. There are pros and cons to both, I just hope that this year is good and there’s lots of learning and fewer power struggles.

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