The Card Caddy

Last week I got an email ad for a fabric store and the picture for on sale licensed fabric showed a device for holding playing cards. I knew right away that I needed to make one for Wallace! And since I cut my left pointer finger harvesting basil while under the influence of a migraine, I am on a crochet hiatus, but can manage to sew, which I haven’t done in a very long time.

I remember having a really hard time holding cards as a kid. I would drop them or fumble trying to organize them and it made the whole experience not fun. I remember that we had a few card holders that were round hard plastic circles held together with a spring. They worked okay but were cumbersome for my little hands. And back when I had wrist surgery over a decade ago, I would have loved a device like this. Instead I took the hard plastic piece of a “report cover” and glued it to a piece of cardboard. This allowed me to slide the cards in and out, making them stand up vertically. I was able to keep playing Skip-bo, but due to pain and medications I actually lost sometimes.

The ones we had when I was a kid were similar to this. Not very comfortable to hold…

So far with Wallace, I have either played games where you can lay the cards on the table/floor or I have Wallace lean them against a game box angled away from me. Usually this works but it would be so nice to have a different setup so I was ridiculously excited by that ad.

I looked at the ratings of the tutorial for the one in the ad and kept looking. I decided to combine some elements from this tutorial with the size and shape of this one. I wanted it to be low enough that Wallace could easily see over it when we are playing at a table. I also wanted 3 shallow pockets, velcro, and because I didn’t have a heavy duty fusible interfacing, I wanted the plastic canvas inserts.

I used only things I already had on hand and Wallace helped me pick the fabrics. It was accidental that the pockets look like a stoplight, but it’s colorful and goes well with the super hero comic fabric I really like. It is by no means perfect, but it is sturdy and work well. I decided to skip the plastic canvas in the section on the bottom because it does have two layers of medium weight fusible interfacing and it really didn’t need it.

I haven’t sewn anything more than a few birthday shirts since I was making scrub caps and masks before surgery. It was really fun to make this and to finally get to sew, but it was also exhausting. There was a lot of up and down and back and forth and helping Wallace with math. But there was also measuring and problem solving and learning not to touch my iron to velcro… Oops. It was less stressful and painful on my neck than when I last sewed in May, so that was good!

I think it could comfortably hold 3 cards in each side of each pocket, so 18 total. Hopefully that will be enough for when we play Pokemon TCG, Uno, or Harry Potter Clue.

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