Lead Poisoning in the Midwest

As someone who has been lead poisoned and has a kid who has been as well, every bit of factual awareness on the topic is really exciting. So here’s a recent article from NPR.

Lead poisoning is real and isn’t just an issue of the past or for babies eating flakes of old paint. There are leaded items in every home that cause cumulative exposure that can lead to long term health problems. There are so many conditions linked to lead, because it is a neurotoxin, that many of us are likely dealing with the effects of lead throughout our lives. Unfortunately, most people think that if they “turned out fine,” then there’s nothing to worry about.

Things in my childhood home that had or likely had lead: stained glass window and lamps, old paint and stain, sewing machine table, doorknobs and cabinet/drawer knobs, buttons, China cabinet, Corelle dishes, Pyrex bowls and measuring cups, family China, new and old toys, books, records, cassette tapes, musical instruments, furniture. And of course the infamous antique army trunk that I believe was the cause of my most acute poisoning.

Loose and broken tiles that are a lead concern in the 1950s home we currently live in.

I can only do so much to remove lead from my current home because there are items I can’t avoid using, like my house and car keys. And there’s the fact it was built in the 1950s and I can’t do anything to remediate the known/suspected lead issues here. So that is why Wallace is getting a lead test next week with some other routine blood work. It will be the first time since they were tested after I found their BLL was over a 5 at the 18 month WIC appointment. I did not know that I should be getting it checked regularly to make sure it was going down after I identified and removed th army trunk.

If lead isn’t currently on your radar, this is new to you, or you want someone to talk to about all this, I’m here. Also, Tamara Rubin has a Facebook group for helping people learn more and make safer choices. I’ve been at this for over 7 years and I’m still learning more every day.

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