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Wallace and Jenn, aka Momma, July 2021 eating popsicles on the back step.

My name is Jenn, but I’m most often called Momma, or Wallace’s Mom. I’m 36 and I’m a single mom by choice. When I grew up I wanted to be an archeologist, an author, an illustrator, a teacher, a chef, and a mom. As an adult, I’ve been a short order cook, a cashier, a bookseller, a student, a pizza maker, a nanny, a performance poet, a smut peddler, worked on a dude ranch, a bear maker, a tea seller, a breastfeeding peer counselor, a doula, a yoga teacher, a grocery order shopper, and I had a used book business. I currently am applying for disability due to multiple chronic illnesses greatly impacting my ability to function. I grew up in Michigan, called Chicago home for 6 years, spent a year and a half in Denver, back to Michigan for a spell, 9 months in Chicago, and the last 6 years have been back in Michigan.

My child, Wallace, was conceived via DIY alternative insemination with the help of a known donor. They was born March of 2013. I would very much like to have another child, but since going through pregnancy and birth my illnesses have compounded and I’ve spent the last 8 years treading water and trying to get doctors to believe me.

I started this blog as a safe place for me to talk about my feelings, plans, and experiences. I also wanted to be able to share with others who might be interested in starting a family on their own. I found much comfort and validation in reading the blogs of other families and found a sense of community through writing my own. Due to some privacy issues, many of my posts are password protected, so please email me if you are a friend or genuine follower. My email is goodfamiliesdo at gmail dot com. Oh, and the title is a reference to a children’s picture book… 50 points for anyone who gets it!

12 Responses to About Me

  1. Well hello there! I wondered where you disappeared to! Sorry to hear about the bfn 😦
    Hope the move went well and you’re settling in nicely. Chicago says hi!

  2. Hi! Yeh the crazy move and the two week wait put me in hiding. I threw my whole routine out of whack and was hardly online for a few weeks. I obviously haven’t written about the results of my attempt yet! I don’t know what to write and I’m still grappling with the emotional aspects of it as well as the new twists my life has taken. I’m sure there will be a 2am in my near future that I put to good use and just hash it all out. Or maybe 8’ll start with something light and write about my new house! Tell Chicago I miss it dearly.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Hi Jenn,

    I just found your blog via CrazyLesbianMom. I am also a pregnancy Single Mom by Choice -32 years old and I am expecting a baby girl in early February! So glad I found another SMC’s blog. I will follow you!

  4. Hello, Lindsay! That’s great you found my blog and are also a SMC!!! If you look in my tags or categories, you should find a post that I wrote with a few more links. If you come across anymore SMC blogs, share them with me please! I feel like I bridge the world of SMC and two mom families and don’t quite fit in either, but I make it work. Congratulations on your soon to be baby girl and I will be seeing if you have a blog as soon as I click post comment. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to comment anytime or make some idle chit-chat.

  5. mas1mama says:

    I found your blog googling posterior tongue ties. My daughter has a posterior TT and we just started the process of trying to find a practitioner to do a revision. Apparently Denver is a wasteland for class IV tie revisions. Anyway, I’m glad that your little guy is doing so great! I’m hoping we can find a practitioner to help my little girl!

  6. Thank you for commenting! Are you in the Facebook tongue tie group? I can’t remember if there was a recommended practitioner for Denver. It took many tries to find someone here to help us. Also, if you are breastfeeding and your supply is being effected, there is a really supportive low supply group on Facebook. I wouldn’t have made it through without those two groups.

  7. I really like your blog a lot! I’m nominating it for the Liebster Award! If you want to participate, just stop by my blog for the details. Keep blogging!

  8. Is it that time of year again?!

  9. Just went and read your post. I will have to work on this from a computer. Thanks for the honor! I also want to check out your blog a bit.

  10. None of the reality says:

    I don’t understand this, Jenn. The simplicity of truth, realism, and love conquer all. We but live in a society that simply lies within a trap, and I believe you may, have fallen into it. Stop making excuses. Reach out to those you have lost. Grow. This is but once in a lifetime.

  11. I don’t know what you are referring to.

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