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Day 1

I just started my first ever office job. Today was an unorganized and yet friendly cluster F starting with having found out yesterday at about noon that I was cleared to start working and was expected at 8am. So yeh. … Continue reading

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Gender Nonconforming or Gender Oblivious?

I’ve read a few blogs and stories lately with parents stating their young children are gender nonconforming. This is great that parents are accepting their children as is and I’m hopeful that this acceptance will decrease the amount of LGBTQ … Continue reading

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Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day: Poem

Back when I lived in Denver, I went to a poetry night called Cafe Cultura. I had been performing in Chicago for a few years and was trying to find my space in Denver. I loved the people who performed … Continue reading

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LGBTQ Blogging for Families Day: How I Became a Lesbian Single Mom By Choice

This post is part of Mombian’s 12th Annual LGBTQ Blogging for Families Day! Here’s the link to contribute! I came out in February of 2001 when I was in 10th grade and only 15 years old. It was not well … Continue reading

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LGBTQ Blogging for Families: Writer’s Block

It’s nearly LGBTQ Blogging for Families Day and I have no idea what to write! I feel so disjointed from the queer aspects of myself and am on day 3 of sick kid. I’d love any subject suggestions.

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Live Wire

That’s what a man in the waiting room at OT said today about Wallace after 30 seconds of observation. And it’s true. He is a live wire; wild, loud, rambunctious. This has increased lately as it seems he needs more … Continue reading

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Still Here

The 5th wheel hasn’t sold yet so we are still in limbo. I have been working my butt off most days trying to get the camper ready for us to move in. My dad’s girlfriend and 3 kids move in … Continue reading

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