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This last week, Wallace has had three nights where he was awake, keeping me up, for multiple hours. There’s no apparent reason and he won’t just go back to sleep. The first night I handled it well enough because I … Continue reading

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Live Wire

That’s what a man in the waiting room at OT said today about Wallace after 30 seconds of observation. And it’s true. He is a live wire; wild, loud, rambunctious. This has increased lately as it seems he needs more … Continue reading

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MicrBlog Monday: Valerian Root Tea

For the last few months I’ve been having issues getting my brain to chill out and let me sleep. Someone suggested Valerian root tea and it is heavenly. Well, not the taste. It is tolerably, pretty herby, and eventually grew … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning feeling like my old self, as in the chronic fatigue I have been dealing with for 3 years and slowly recovering from through AIP. I could barely stand, everything hurt, face swollen, and utterly exhausted. … Continue reading

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I just have to jump in and start writing again. This time around, with stress and changes and loneliness, I haven’t wanted to write much. I know I really should and that I will be sad I didn’t keep record … Continue reading

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Smart Cookie

Fact 1: Today I said “there’s two jugs of bread and a milk.” Fact 2: I got three 4.0s this past semester and I’m damn proud of myself. Fact 3: I’m tired.

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That’s parent shorthand for sleep/ing through the night. Folks, I slept through the night for the first time since I was 9 weeks pregnant! I did not wake up to pee, Wallace didn’t wake me up, no other noises woke … Continue reading

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