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A Little Bit of Hope

With all of Nina’s health problems, I have been doing a lot of research. I┬áresearched a raw diet for her. I researched CBD oil, which is not off the table yet, but I haven’t purchased any. I researched homeopathy, which … Continue reading

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AIP Sloppy Joes

Back in the day, my first blog was all about gluten free food and life. At that time, the only gf bread I could get was dense and brick like and if I tried to eat out the phrase “gluten … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: I’m Not Starving

It has been nearly a year since I started working toward the Autoimmine Protocol (I have Celiac disease and undiagnosed chronic pain and fatigue). It was a hard transition despite having been gluten free for 10 years and dairy free for 8 … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Goodbye Chocolate

It seems I am finally gluten cross-reacting to chocolate. Even the very clean Enjoy Life chips. I am so sad. I don’t have a whole lot of earthly pleasures I partake in so this was my one treat. I will now have … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: New Things

I will be collaborating with someone on a new blog about people’s journeys through AIP and healing autoimmune disease. My blog partner wants to make sure we do not lose content or control and thinks purchasing a URL and having … Continue reading

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When I woke up yesterday morning, the day after my classes were done, I felt a huge lifting of stress. I have a new layer of stress though with being in pain (I don’t know what I ate!), trying to … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Biscuits

I follow a few Autoimmune Protocol accounts on Instagram and get inspired to try recipes they share. Last week, someone posted some biscuits and since AIP is grain free, I miss these types of starch heavy foods (and I need … Continue reading

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