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Things AIP Has Improved For Me

Migraines Acne Fatigue and endurance Pain in feet and legs every morning Pain in previously injured joints Gas and bloating Chronic constipation Diarrhea Chronic low BP including orthostatic hypotension Neck pain Congestion Itchy eyes at bedtime Anxiety Heart palpitations Brain … Continue reading

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AIP Sloppy Joes

Back in the day, my first blog was all about gluten free food and life. At that time, the only gf bread I could get was dense and brick like and if I tried to eat out the phrase “gluten … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: I’m Not Starving

It has been nearly a year since I started working toward the Autoimmine Protocol (I have Celiac disease and undiagnosed chronic pain and fatigue). It was a hard transition despite having been gluten free for 10 years and dairy free for 8 … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Goodbye Chocolate

It seems I am finally gluten cross-reacting to chocolate. Even the very clean Enjoy Life chips. I am so sad. I don’t have a whole lot of earthly pleasures I partake in so this was my one treat. I will now have … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: New Things

I will be collaborating with someone on a new blog about people’s journeys through AIP and healing autoimmune disease. My blog partner wants to make sure we do not lose content or control and thinks purchasing a URL and having … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Biscuits

I follow a few Autoimmune Protocol accounts on Instagram and get inspired to try recipes they share. Last week, someone posted some biscuits and since AIP is grain free, I miss these types of starch heavy foods (and I need … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Migraines

I have had migraines* as long as I remember along with the precursor of motion sickness. I was medicated by an inept neurologist from age 11 to 18. I tried medicine again at about 20 and ended up having a … Continue reading

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