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Trace Minerals: Take Two

After about three months of giving Wallace trace minerals daily, we took a week break. Well, it turned into two weeks but I wasn’t able to get the store when I had originally planned. Here’s the link to all the … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Pointless

Today was Wallace’s follow up with the physiatrist we saw back in September. Absolutely nothing was done during this appointment. He refuses to look into causes of the low muscle tone and lack of reflexes. He refuses to refer us … Continue reading

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Trace Minerals Update

For a few weeks I made a valient effort with the Concentrace brand minerals. It was really hard to get the bolus dose in him. I think it happened once. The problem is that it tastes horrible, like gag and … Continue reading

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OT, Zzz…

Wallace had his first OT session this morning! He really liked his therapist, Samantha, during the evaluation a couple weeks ago and was excited to play with her again. I’m hoping they can develop a good rapport like he had … Continue reading

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Trace Minerals: Week Three

This past week we switched to Concentrace brand. It tastes horrible, so it has been a process to work 10-20 drops into things we eat and drink. I also am starting to put a few drops in glasses of water. … Continue reading

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Celebration Time!

Wallace has gained two pounds in less than three weeks! Seventeen of those days he has taken trace minerals. This is not just a growth spurt. My hands and my muscles now have the numbers on the scale to back … Continue reading

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