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Microblog Monday: Linked Up

I haven’t done one like this in a long time. Here’s what I have been reading lately. An article on why nursing with a cover just doesn’t work for most of us. Thomas Jefferson Education, Core Phase, homeschooling theory. The … Continue reading

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Microblog Monday: Avoidance

Life is pretty shitty right now so I have been avoiding my blog. I am having a hard time focusing on solutions because it is that bad. Today, we are taking the bus to the community service center and attempting … Continue reading

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Microblog Monday: My Nina

When I decided to move back to Chicago, I thought I would be able to bring my cat with me and just make it work in a small space. Then I decided it wasn’t going to be have a large … Continue reading

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Microblog Monday: A Boy and His Beeba

Once Wallace experienced real life ladybugs this fall, he was hooked. I pulled out a TY Puffkins ladybug I had from 1998 and it was a fast friendship. It goes all around the apartment with him, goes to bed when … Continue reading

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Microblog Monday: Book Review!

We read a ton of books around here, 27 just yesterday. I am always on the lookout for new and fun books to read together, not that we need more. He has really gotten into helping me read them and … Continue reading

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Microblog Monday – Too Cold!

Tomorrow we are supposed to have a low of 9 and high of 22. I am not ready for this! I haven’t found the right combination of warm weather gear for Wallace and I while babywearing. Last week I tried … Continue reading

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