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Celery Juice

The subject I wanted to write about and forgot the other day, is celery juice! I randomly came across the Medical Medium on Instagram, who promotes celery juice as a vehicle for healing the liver and chronic diseases. I have … Continue reading

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I had and idea to write about. It was a good one. I opened up the app on my new Kindle after connecting my mom’s bluetooth keyboard, in order to see if I want a case with a keyboard, and … Continue reading

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Baby Wash Suggestion Research

One of the pivotal moments for me in regards to learning about the products I use was when I became a mom. I had already switched out deodorant, toothpaste, and menstrual products, but still used many cleaning and personal care … Continue reading

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We didn’t get out of the house until after 3pm and had multiple stops to get through. Most days I have mastered the art of making sure we don’t do too many things in a row, packing snacks, keeping Wallace … Continue reading

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Books Galore!

Growing up, my dad worked for Borders and my mom was a teacher. They are both first generation college graduates, but had siblings who also attended college. They are both avid readers and lovers of knowledge. I later worked for … Continue reading

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