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Sunday Morning*

Most Sundays, my mom takes Wallace with her to church. He gets to play in the Nursery with other kids, they get some time together, and I get some time alone. That’s the main reason. Usually I use the time … Continue reading

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On Instagram recently, Dr Terry Wahls, of the Wahls Protocol, had a post about trying to eat at least 200 varieties of plants a year. The Wahls Protocol was designed to treat MS and has many overlapping foods and theories … Continue reading

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Things AIP Has Improved For Me

Migraines Acne Fatigue and endurance Pain in feet and legs every morning Pain in previously injured joints Gas and bloating Chronic constipation Diarrhea Chronic low BP including orthostatic hypotension Neck pain Congestion Itchy eyes at bedtime Anxiety Heart palpitations Brain … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Distraction

This post and a break from Instagram (I’m not on Facebook), got me thinking more about distractions. I see the evidence that constant distraction is creating children who can’t face boredom with creativity and problem solving (see my post about being tv free), and … Continue reading

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Poofy Organics Sale!

This only happens a few times a year. Poofy Organics has put the entire line on sale for 15% off. You must enter the code at checkout. Poofy recently introduced a line of matte lip gloss, which is now available as singles for … Continue reading

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AIP Sloppy Joes

Back in the day, my first blog was all about gluten free food and life. At that time, the only gf bread I could get was dense and brick like and if I tried to eat out the phrase “gluten … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Blog Bog

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by life and all the things I want to write about, or avoid processing, and so I do not blog about anything at all. Here are nine things I need to blog about: My sick cat. … Continue reading

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