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Wallace Said Wednesday 2

“When I grow up, I’m going to live in the wild.” Morning snuggles. Totally left field, but he had ideas of what he would do living in the wild, like watching birds to learn how to make birds nests to … Continue reading

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First Lost Tooth

It’s been an exciting evening over here! While Wallace was in the bath, he lost his first baby tooth, bottom front left. He said he was biting around the edge of the hat on my rubber ducky and it popped … Continue reading

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Wallace Said Wednesday: Inaugural Post

I decided I should start a little series cause my kid says some hilarious and poignant things. I have always been fascinated by his language development and he has so much to say. The goal is to create a post … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Little Red Stroller

The Little Red Stroller is a picture book about a stroller being passed down to different children over many years. It takes an interesting journey and is a sweet story with colorful and detailed iillustrations. Wallace says: I think it’s … Continue reading

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Pride 2019

I had a goal of getting Wallace to a pride parade or festival this summer and I’m so happy we did. We drove about an hour to a larger city as we had missed our smaller city celebration. We had … Continue reading

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A couple weeks ago, we were shown how to find monarch eggs by some friends at the nature preserve class. We have tons of milkweed in the undeveloped area around us, so when we were out for a walk, I … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: I Made It

I have been sewing since I was a young child. I love sewing for the relaxing and problem solving aspects, but also for the creating things with my hands aspect and finished product. I don’t get enough time to sew … Continue reading

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