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MicroBlog Monday: A Clothing Explosion

I’ve made some great friends here in Michigan over the years. Luckily, many have been generous with hand me downs. One friend has a son born the same day as Wallace. Because Wallace was so slow to grow, I handed … Continue reading

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Craft Fair: Part Two

This past Saturday was the fair I had originally planned to do. It is run by a local organization that teaches crafts, holds craft supply swaps, and runs craft fairs. It’s one of those really cool things happening in Flint. … Continue reading

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Nearly Over

I’m starting to wonder if every time we attempt to nurse is going to be the last time. I say attempt because he doesn’t seem to be getting much milk out between forgetting how to latch and my dwindling supply. … Continue reading

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Trace Minerals Update

For a few weeks I made a valient effort with the Concentrace brand minerals. It was really hard to get the bolus dose in him. I think it happened once. The problem is that it tastes horrible, like gag and … Continue reading

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MicroBlog Monday: Downshifting

I need to take back my life and become more present again. My obsessive use of technology, though not an oddity, is having huge negative effects on my life and character. When I got my first smart phone, I began … Continue reading

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Craft Fair, Part One

I originally planned to do a craft fair with my friend the Saturday after Thanksgiving. She roped me into doing one this weekend too. I busted my butt to get enough product done and my Kam snaps and pliers arrived … Continue reading

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My Little Yogi

While I was getting dressed this morning, I started doing some yoga poses. My neck and back are killer and after getting my migraine to go away last night, I have another one threatening because someone was up whining from … Continue reading

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