Phone Call

My dad and I talked on the phone for two hours last night. That might be a record for us. I told him all the variations of the plan and what I think of each. He was useless in telling me if he thought it was a good plan or not. Like pulling teeth to get any opining out of him… but he is on board with us moving back so I can go to school. He seems to approve of the IBCLC goal but said something like “I don’t know because I haven’t read all the information you have.” And then something about boobies. We have different boundaries than most.

The culmination of the talk was that if I get the offer here for a 3-4 day nanny job, then I will stay until it ends and my lease is up at the end of June. If I do not get that job, I will move back at the end of March. I will just barely be making enough to pay my rent and bills and since my apartment doesn’t have a deposit, I will bail on the lease.

Even though I would really like this job I should hear about by tomorrow, part of me would prefer to just be done here and move back. That way we can get settled in and I can get signed up for summer and online classes. I am anxious to get started on Step One of the plan. I was pretty much offered my old job back, plus their new baby, and it would be something to get my bills paid.

I have decided to stop pursuing my worker comp case and accept their measley offer (the new judge has already said it is worth double). It will get debt paid and back to square one, but won’t help me to get into an IBCLC program or pay for the exam, etc. But, being done with this will be a very good thing. It has been 5 years!

Now I’m just waiting to find out if I get this job or not.

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  1. Sounds like everything is heading in the right direction! Good for you!

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