MicroBlog Monday: Nanny Not Housekeeper

Four days left with my regular job and two days left with my old job! Yep, my old job needs me again and it happens to work that I can help. The first sitter after me had a rare blood disorder she didn’t let her know about and ended up being airlifted and getting a transfusion. The second sitter is on her third week and is out of state with a sick relative.

As for my regular job, I am very grateful for my friend who got it for me, and gives me heads up on their drama, but I am so glad it is almost over. I could not do this job long term even if it was enough hours. I should be making $2 more an hour even with factoring in that I bring Wallace with me. I have to do way more house work than I should and it is a far cry cleaner here than the old job. In my first two hours today I wiped the counter, swept the floor, cleaned up cat puke, switched out loads of laundry, and emptied, loaded, and ran the dishwasher while taking care of two kids of course. There are lots of other issues like having shorted me $40 last week even though I did the math in front of her and told her what to write. Two weeks until we move…

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15 Responses to MicroBlog Monday: Nanny Not Housekeeper

  1. Lindsay says:

    What the actual fuck? She wouldn’t short the grocery store, or the electric company, or any OTHER service provider. Why she does this to the person who cares for her children and home is BEYOND me! That disgusts me.

    Good riddance to them soon, eh?

  2. Hahahaha yup. And she probably would try. She has been doing this to my friend from the beginning, so she warned me. I was furious when I pulled the check out at the bank. I sent her a text immediately. She is a piece. The dad is nice but has no control in the relationship. He always greets Wallace even when his kids are climbing on him. He has apologized for the state of the house before because he was busy. The mom is jusy lazy.

  3. Mel says:

    Good luck getting through these last few days. Ugh.

  4. Thanks. It is spread out over two weeks. I can’t survive anymore on this income but I don’t have anything yet for back in MI.

  5. I’m sorry she shorted you. I had a family write me a couple bad checks before. And ended up shorting me $200!! It was a really long time ago, but it still pisses me off.

  6. She apologized when I sent the text and rectified it today. I have never had anyone write me a bad check!

  7. Rachel says:

    I’m glad she rectified the check. Sounds so frustrating.

    Have you looked at doing a home based business since you’re moving?

  8. Like a daycare at my place? Won’t work. We will be living with my dad and it will be for just a year.

  9. Seriously want to scream. They didn’t even load their dinner dishes into the empty dishwasher. Both sides of the sink are full. I am going to leave it as it is and just load what we use today. Only other thing I am going to do is wipe the counter and the baby’s high chair tray. I don’t have anyone to do my dishes for me and I somehow managed to cook dinner while washing dishes by hand, get both of us a shower, pick up toys, sweep the kitchen, and pack food for today.

  10. Lindsay says:

    LAZY and rude and inconsiderate. I don’t like this mom at all! Sounds like she’s the kind of person who not only doesn’t value the person who looks after her most precious ones, but also takes advantage of them, too. 2 more weeks, right?

  11. Yup! And she got away with treating N like this for 4 years.

  12. deathstar44 says:

    I have never EVER expected a sitter to do any type of housework at all – I consider myself lucky if they clean up after I make them dinner!

  13. You make your sitters dinner?! I have had two families invite me for dinner once each. One was cause they wanted to meet my girlfriend and one was for my birthday. I am all about cleaning up after our messes and trying to keep the house in order as a nanny.

  14. deathstar44 says:

    Good, consistent child care is very hard to find here. If you are not in the position to hire a nanny f/t then you make do with baby sitters and trust me, a good one is treated like gold!

  15. Wow! Well good on you for appreciating the value of quality childcare.

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