Giant Cookie

I miss my blog and need to just jump in and write again! I have so many things I want to write about but they will take so much energy, something I am severely lacking. It’s also why I haven’t made a video for YouTube with post Chiari surgery updates.

I came across a brand new recipe last night for a gluten free vegan cookie sheet cookie and I knew I needed to spend energy on it. But first, with the help of my almost 8yo, Wallace, I cut my hair. That required a lot of clean up and then my helper came to help with chores before I could get in the shower. I was pretty wiped out, but this cookie needed to happen.

Quarantine haircut!

I told Wallace he would need to help me a lot and he got ready with his Stump Kitchen apron. He helped get all the ingredients out and used his step stool to turn the oven on to warm up. We measured our cookie sheet and discovered it would be too big. He had the great idea to use the little one we have for magnetic letters for his reading lessons (I washed it first, ha).

Pretending to dump coconut oil on his head.

I didn’t have enough almond flour for the recipe so I used the blue bag Bob’s Red Mill gluten free blend to substitute. Because flours absorb moisture differently, it’s impossible to just substitute cup for cup. Almond flour does not absorb much moisture so I slowly added the flour blend while Wallace stirred. I stopped when it got to the right consistency.

We opted for a slightly smaller pan and put parchment paper down.
Hand prints, because why not!
Took about 15 minutes at 350.
Turned out great!

It definitely turned out very tasty. My flour swap worked, but next time I think I will add some salt and some vanilla to make the flavors a bit more dynamic. We ate two each while watching an interview/class with astronaut Leland Melvin through Varsity Tutors.

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