Night Five

I hope he starts sleeping more soundly soon. Lots of rolling around again last night but no big wake up. Got us up a little after 6 but I tried to get him to nurse back to sleep. Didn’t work.

I can get him into his pack n play for the first part of his nap but then he won’t let me set him down again. Day nursing is about the same as it was before starting night weaning. He does nurse really well when we get up as there is a lot of milk waiting for him!

My neck and back are really sore. I need an adjustment but can’t afford it. I’m getting a string of migraines from it too. Tomorrow is a hellishly long day at work and I need to have us packed and ready before bed. I should probably bring bungee cords and transport his car seat home on the stroller.

Here are some Christmas day pictures while my phone cooperates. I made vegetarian Chili and cornbread for our dinner and we got to go on two walks with the weather so nice.




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